The Tools of Wood Carving

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For centuries, people have carved pieces of wood into useful items, pictures and figurines. They often used nothing more sophisticated than a pocket knife. Times have changed, and there are now a large number of tools used to create wood carvings. While some people still use pocket knives, many have switched to curved blades that are incredibly sharp to cut through many types of wood.

People that carve complex figures and reliefs generally use tools that gouge out the wood. There are several different types of hand tools that can be used to gouge out the wood. For those that prefer speed, there are small power tools. They accomplish the same types of carving as hand tools, but they do it in a fraction of the time. The latest craze in wood carving has been the use of chain saws. These are generally used on large trees or blocks of wood. No matter what tool is used, the goal is to have a recognizable piece when the crafter is finished.